Please consider the size tables on this page to make sure your order will fit you perfectly. If you are not sure about your size please check out the measuring guides below to find out.

Also, you can send your measurements to us through e-mail and we will help you to find your suitable size.




Here is a guide to how to measure your Abaya size:

By following these steps you can make sure that your ordering Abaya will fit you. And if it is possible please ask someone to help you with measuring your Abaya. Also, we will save your measurements for your future orders.

  1. Take the length: For measuring the front: measure from the center point between your shoulders, from highest bust point to the arch of the foot.
  2. For measuring the back: measure from between of your shoulders to the heel.
  3. Take the bust(chest): Measure around the fullest part of your upper body or bust line.
  4. Take the hips: Stand up while your legs and feet are next together and then measure across the fullest part of your hips.
  5. Take the shoulder: Measure the width from one shoulder bone to another. To make the measurement more precise you can raise your arms to shoulder height.
  6. Take the armhole: Measure the girth of the arm.
  7. Take the wrist: Measure the wrist but don’t tighten the tape to be sure you can pass your hand through the sleeves.
  8. Take the sleeve length: Measure from the top point of your shoulder to the point that your sleeve reaches. Notice to straight your hand while measuring.